Friday, May 22, 2009

Treasure Trip

Earlier this year, I scored this book at the Leverett Dump. A pocket-sized golden guide, written in 1976 by the famous Richard Evans Schultes (!!!) himself (the father of Ethnobotany), of hallucinogenic plants! In perfect condition, too. And now, this book is out of print. You could never find something like this nowadays... I snagged it with new-found glory. And I knew that it would be worth a lot of money. I checked a while back on Amazon, and the first going price for it was above $200!...

Psychedelic Mushrooms:






Jaime Santos said...

Wow, I am really jealous. That book looks wonderful.

dbear1 said...

Took a class in 'Ethnobotany' from Prof Shultes when I was in college in 1970. This was one of the reference texts! I don't still have my copy, wish I did! Enjoy!