Saturday, January 17, 2009

Luna Love

I went outside for a cigarette rolled with sage and knelt down against the backdoor of my house on the side steps. I looked out to the dark, cloudy sky and saw this bright beam of white light breaching right out of the clouds, following its way down to the treetops underneath it. There appeared to be a white dot through the trees, it started growing and I swear, I thought the end of the world was nearing. I was truly waiting for the famous white horse, and I was getting ready to go. I saw that the white dot was multiplying, into a ring, and it looked as though there was a fire circle beginning to emerge. The hills were dancing. At first I thought this was a forest fire, but my imagination led me to believe there was some sort of ceremony of the gods going on. Then, the ring arose, becoming clear that it was actually the moon, miss lady luna - solid, strong, and pearly white. She was illuminous, rising quickly, and was she ever so powerful. She took the sky and the clouds with her. Birthing out of fire, eastward, over the sun. I sent my prayers to her as she traveled onward high.

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