Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainbow Fish

"Twelve fish swim happily around the border of this mandala, a reference to the yearly turning of the cycle of time - slowed for a moment during Crystallization."

I acquired this beautiful design from a mandala coloring book. Flipping through, I knew this one was mine, as I thought instantly, "Oh!... I'm an Aquarius!... This is perfect." It took a while for me to finish (the unfinished art sitting on my desk for months, 1/8 completed). I did it by adding light color blending pastel chalk. My inspiration for it is from a well-known children's story, "The Rainbow Fish", a precious favorite of mine.


wickedrains said...

That's beautiful! I love pastel chalk, it's blends brilliantly.

Kid Shay said...

Well, I don't speak Indonesian but I certainly enjoyed the Rainbow Fish back in the day. Cool mandala!

aquaricris said...

wickedrains, thanks for looking and appreciating!... what a nice surprise!

and josh.. haha, i don't speak indonesian either. and they say the rainbow fish teaches communism.