Monday, April 5, 2010

MS Paint Art

I created this the summer after I graduated from high school. The original was a piece I did on canvas w/ acrylic for a boyfriend I had when I was in high school. This one, of course, took longer. The palm trees took about 3 hours alone! But the seagull was the toughest! I would have done more, but it was overly trying. I listened to a lot of Sigur Rós back then, and I probably went through the entire "Takk..." album multiple times while I worked. Singing along to the words of every song even though I didn't know Icelandic. It was pretty ethereal.

"Fingermade" (ha!) by a laptop scroll pad, not bad eh?!


Kid Shay said...

This is the most intricate MS Paint artwork I've ever seen.

aquaricris said...

Why thank you!
I believe so myself, haha!