Monday, June 15, 2009


Sustainability is the capacity to withstand prosperity and sustenance through any of the opposing forces that may interfere with the ability of a particular state or condition to persist. It is the prolonged nourishment of any resource as to not cause permanent depletion of that resource. In popular context, sustainability is usually spoken of in reference to biological, human, and ecological systems. It governs the success of any notion, practice, or constant and is not only a way of life, but truly the only way to be, because without sustainability, nothing would be an absolute truth and nothing would continue to be.


Kid Shay said...

Succinct post: a verbal dagger. Is this from something, or just what's on your mind?

aquaricris said...

Thanks, Josh!
This was something I wrote for my Writing for Sustainability technical writing class last semester where the assignment was to define "Sustainability".